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House Of Guinness – It’s A Matter Of Taste

Advertiser: Heineken Malaysia
Brand: Guinness
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Objective & Challenge
Challenge: Guinness Draught was exclusively available on tap in pubs and bars, leaving stout enthusiasts with limited options for savoring its iconic flavors outside these establishments. While the Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (GFES) can/bottle offered an alternative, it failed to capture the unique smoothness and creamy head that makes Guinness Draught so distinctive. To address this gap, Guinness Malaysia introduced Guinness Draught in a Can (GDIC), a breakthrough innovation that brings the beloved pub experience of enjoying a perfectly poured pint of Guinness to the comfort of your own home. Guinness was primarily enjoyed by a mature group of beer enthusiasts and it has been the key hurdle to overcome. To successfully introduce GDIC and make it more relevant to a younger demographic, the campaign needed to break away from the traditional associations and rejuvenate the brand in a fresh and exciting way. The goal was clear—to spark interest and curiosity among the younger generation. Objective: 1) To enhance achieve the target KPI of 9,500 attendees. 2) To entice the younger generation (Gen Z) and new drinkers who previously never considered a Gunniess

Insight & Strategy
Insight: 1) Gen Z individuals are characterized by their drive to explore and discover, constantly seeking new skills and experiences. They are drawn to brands that align with their values and contribute to their personal narratives. To effectively engage Gen Z consumers, marketers must provide unique and exciting offerings that cater to their desire for novelty and personal growth. 2) Implementing a marketing funnel provide valuable insights to comprehend the customer journey, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of each stage. This understanding enables marketer to identify areas that require further optimization, ensuring that our marketing efforts are targeted and effective. Strategy: The campaign was planned with a specific goal in mind: to attract 9,500 attendees to the two-weekends of House of Guinness events. To accomplish this, we developed a comprehensive approach that incorporated a full-funnel concept. This involved utilizing an integrated media strategy, including broad targeting to generate awareness, retargeting techniques to drive consideration and conversions, and implementing branded content marketing to create excitement and engagement. Through careful optimization and continuous monitoring, we aimed to ensure that each stage of the campaign contributed towards achieving the desired end result.

The campaign funnel consists of three stages: top, middle, and bottom. The top-funnel focuses on raising awareness about the campaign, while the middle-funnel aims to drive consideration among the audience, measured by the number of people who land on the microsite. Finally, the bottom-funnel focuses on the ultimate conversion, which involves the number of sign-ups and attendees. This was paired with an integrated media strategy for each stage and media impact for different parts of the consumer journey. The campaign rolled out by deploying social reach ads and programmatic broad targeting ads to raise the campaign awareness within the digital landscape. The messaging was generic and straightforward to ensure that audiences were informed about the campaign’s existence instead of asking them take action right away. To innovate beyond the traditional programmatic display format, we ventured into the realm of “In-display streamed video” with SeenThis. This format leverages display placements of varying sizes, effectively reaching a broader audience. With the assistance of SeenThis’s creative studio, we seamlessly adapted our creative assets to fit these different sizes, ensuring optimal visual impact. Subsequently, we ensured tailored communications that align with specific ad objectives. Retargeting efficiencies effectively communicates the valuable benefits participants can expect from engaging in the event, fostering a sense of urgency and facilitating sign-ups. Strategic utilization of interactive rich media formats serves to captivate readers’ attention as they peruse articles, subsequently piquing their interest and driving traffic towards the microsite. We also strategically used influencers and social content publishers to amplify word-of-mouth and generate buzz. We implemented a staggered approach to paid content, beginning two weeks prior to the event, by releasing a series of teaser posts that highlighted the exciting activities attendees could expect in the event. As soon as we initiated the content dissemination, we observed a notable increase in not only the traffic to the microsite, but also the sign-up number. Further strentghened by paid content on Xiao Hong Shu platform to leverage on its content-focused nature. The outcome of this endeavor was highly beneficial, as it generated an additional surge in traffic to our microsite due to Xiao Hong Shu’s distinctive algorithm that prioritizes content-driven engagement and facilitates user-to-user interactions. The platform’s inherent nature played a pivotal role in maximizing the visibility and impact of our campaign, ultimately leading to the amplified traffic we observed on our microsite.

Media: Over 240,000 unique traffic flow into the campaign microsite 24,547 resgistered individuals to on-ground activation 12,809 people attended the on-ground activation, versus target of 9,500 (KPI overachieved by 135%) 52.18% turnout rate 21 million earned PR impressions Social Organic: 1903 public posts on Instagram 275 tagged @guinnessmy on Instagram Activation: 27,310 glasses consumed/ purchased (330ml) 100% of attendees tasted one or more Guinness products 40% of consumption were sales 18% purchased GD/GFES for home consumption 100% of attendees completed the product USP education journey Brand: Market Share +0.8 versus Aug2022 Brand power among younger group (21-35yo) +0.4 versus Q32022 Salient +0.3 versus Q32022