Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Feed you Fire with a tasty media meal

Advertiser: Nando's Malaysia
Brand: Nando's
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Objective & Challenge
In the past few years, Nando’s focuses its marketing plan on product launch and tactical promos. But as people were intending to eat and drink out more often when the lockdown restrictions were lifted post COVID-19, Nando’s saw an opportunity to educate consumers of their brand DNA. It was time for a brand campaign. It’s not just PERi-PERi that comes all the way from Southern Africa. Nando’s wanted to showcase their brand identity via colourful, youthful and modern messaging, which drew its identity from the brand’s South African origins and vibes. We wanted consumers to experience more than just the food – the South African art and decor, the Afro Luso music, the energetic Nandocas – all of which speaks to our homeland’s heritage. How could we devise a plan to bring the brand alive, especially with competitors being very active (KFC, Pizza Hut etc)

Insight & Strategy
The campaign was set to bring out the fired-up, exotic and vibrant brand and dining experience to our customers as part of our brand refresh initiative for Malaysia. It was titled “Feed Your Fire”. We identified 4 FIERY audience group that we wanted to reach out to: TRENDSETTERS People who visits trendy places, share it on their social media and always stay up to date on the latest trends. They have strong fear of missing out (FOMO) FOODIES: People who enjoy experiencing new food, couldn’t stop thinking about food and enjoy cooking as well. MUSIC LOVERS These music enthusiasts and concert-goers love different genre of music – pop, rock, hip hop. ART LOVERS Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso? They love them all. They draw some, paint some and admire some too. To connect with these audiences, we required high reach to ensure our content spread like fire. Hence we leveraged on the following platforms. VISUAL SENSORY GSC and TGV, the top 2 cinemas in Malaysia, reaching audience in a captive environment close to Nando’s restaurants Google Display the #1 Display Network YouTube the #1 Video Platform Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok, the Top social media platforms in Malaysia, with over 90% reach of all Malaysians above 15 years of age AUDIO SENSORY VISUAL SENSORY We focused on the leading audio platforms, to drive connection with our brand message: Hitz, the #1 English Radio Station Spotify, the #1 Music Streaming Platform While the ads needed to incorporate the vibrant colours, and create imagination that builds curiosity and ignites motivation to go to our restaurant.

Our execution was a smooth recipe for tasty media coverage and impact. First, we aimed for MASS REACH TO SHARE THE REFRESHED NANDO’S EXPERIENCE We launched with the longer duration film of 120 seconds and 60 seconds, to showcase the full Nando’s experience brand message. Cinema, Radio and digital played a key role here. After established mass reach, we pivoted towards targeted messaging to each of our 4 identified target segments: Trendsetters, Foodies, Music Lovers, Art Lovers We sustained a connection with them through digital platforms especially social platforms where consumer can engage and connect closer with the brand. We sustained brand presence with Short Duration Video (15s short video) and targeted short form message which focus on specific identity – art / music / flavour.

PAID ADS RESULTS • Over 32mil impressions served. • Over 10mil engagements on video and contents. • Over 285K people click to know more about Nando’s brand identity • 8.47% lift in ad recall • 26.8% who are exposed to our ad said in research that they will choose Nando’s over competitor brands BUSINESS SURVEY RESULTS • 42% say the content change their perception about Nando’s • 85% say the brand campaign video content matches the actual Nando’s Experience • 71% feel the urgency to visit Nando’s after being exposed to our brand campaign Nando’s brand campaign “Feed your fire” had whipped up a firestorm of positive results!