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Didi & Friends and Johnson’s Unite: A Magical Harmony that gets you singing from Head to Toe!

Advertiser: JNTL (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Brand: Johnson's Baby
Creative Agency: UNIVERSAL McCANN
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
Germprotection body wash and shampoo categories have thrived in this postpandemic world. And in this new normal, Johnson&Johnson’sActiveKids Range wanted to protect the joy that play brings to both children and parents. However, Johnson&Johnson is not as wellknown as other brands in the market who had always had an antigerm positioning. Because children’s skin is more sensitive compared to adults, we needed to educate parents that antibacterial bodywash might cause more harm than help, as good bacteria will also be killed and therefore compromising kids’ skin health. With the Johnson&Johnson’sActiveKids range, we needed to drive awareness that it is not just gentle and safe to use from head to toe, but also provides the complete protection with the bath, shampoo and powder products.

Insight & Strategy
We knew 2 things. Firstly, Pester power wields significant influence over parental purchasing decisions, shaping their choices based on the persuasive appeals of their children. Secondly, studies have long shown that children learn through songs and everyone grew up learning their ABCs and 123s with popular children’s songs and nursery rhymes. And it remains a fun and effective way to educate children with parents via online Music Videos of childrens’ songs. Understanding this, we decided to utilize nursery rhymes as an effective tool to educate both kids and parents alike about the vital role of Johnson’sActiveKids headtotoe range. And what better way than the everpopular “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” children’s song! To bring the idea to live, we partnered with Didi & Friends, Malaysia’s No. 1 preschool, 3Danimated musical entertainment cartoon and created a BM version of the “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” song and Music Video.

Didi & Friends is hugely popular in Malaysia with 6.57Mil YouTube subscribers, 532k followers in Facebook & 415k followers in Instagram. As the winner of Best Preschool Animation at the 2019 Asian Television Award, it is also a credible and trusted platform amongst parents. Working with Didi & Friends platform, we reimagined the beloved children’s song ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ and gave the Music Video a Johnson&Johnson’sActiveKids unique touch: 1) We crafted lyrics that invited children to indulge in the delightful experience of using Johnson&Johnson’sActiveKids range such as ‘Let’s embrace cleanliness and freshness with Johnson’sShampoo’. This is translated from the original BM version of ‘Mari bersihkan diri kita dengan Johnson’sShampoo’. 2) We creatively and seamlessly featured the different products of the ActiveKids range in the Music Video for each body part mentioned in the song. The 3 main characters of Didi, Nana and Jojo took turns to sing and dance to the song and taught parents and kids which Johnson&Johnson products was suitable for their different body cleansing needs. For instance, during the segment for head, we featured Jojo (Didi’s Friend) with Johnson’sShampoo. Whilst for the segment for body, we had Nana (another of Didi’s friend) singing with the Johnson&JohnsonActiveBath product. Lastly, Didi closed the whole body routine with Johnson’sPowder to keep one feeling fresh and smelling good throughout the day. 3) The Music Video was set in a playground setting, to communicate the JohnsonActiveKid’s ‘Joy of Play’ positioning, where parents are assured that their children are protected from germs whilst indulging in outdoor activities. The campaign focused on high reach platforms with targeted approached to maximize performance. Platforms: Our strategy started with a catchy music video on Didi & Friends’ YouTube channel to generate buzz and build awareness, we leveraged on their Facebook & Instagram to engage kids in singing and dancing along with Didi. Ads on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube expanded the reach, while programmaticrich media ads targeted parents in their digital environments. Additionally, we developed an engaging Instagram AR filter featuring interactive elements that encourage parents and kids to dance along with Didi & Friends. The filter includes cute elements that promote staying protected with Johnson&Johnson. Format and Buying Strategy: On YouTube, InStream TrueView skippable format with CostPerView buy was used to maximize views. Facebook & Instagram employed CostPerEngagement buy due to lower viewability caused by consumer usage patterns. Programmatic video utilized the Ultra video format, occupying 75% of the mobile screen with client branding on top and calltoaction at the bottom, CostPerCompletedView buy was used to maximize completed views. Instagram AR filter used CostPerMille buy to maximize on reaching more audience to participate. Targeting: The video’s end frame includes a clear calltoaction with product placements to drive sales. We focused on parents with a skew to moms, targeting interests, affinities, and inmarket audience such as shoppers, familyfocused individuals, and baby & children’s products, were included to reach potential parents who prioritize their children’s needs. Competitor keywords were also targeted to capture shares from competitor users. We also retargeted parents who had shown interest in Johnson’sBaby past videos to expand our reach. For Instagram AR filter post, we retarget people who have watched the video, inviting them to join the fun by dancing and singing along. The campaign’s sustained presence and reinforcement across various touchpoints created a lasting impact, effectively communicating the value of the Johnson’s products.

The campaign yielded impressive results, demonstrating its effectiveness in both business and campaign: 1. Brand Awareness increased by 2%, Brand buzz increased by 7%, and Brand recommendation increased by 1.4% compared to the previous month (Source: YouGov). 2. Sales experienced remarkable growth, with 27% increase in bath products, 16.2% in shampoo, and 22.8% in powder compared to the previous year. 3. Roadshow sales at Lotus’s saw notable 32% growth, while AEON achieved exceptional 113.9% growth. For campaign media metrics: 1. The Johnson’sBaby YouTube video received impressive 3.6 million views with a high completion rate of 45% 2. Didi & Friend’s YouTube video garnered organic view count of 441k. 3. Facebook & Instagram achieved a total reach of 5.3 million parents with kids and engagements of 268k. 4. Programmatic Video achieved 392k completed views with a ClickThourghRate of 1.34%. The powerful message of safeguarding children, providing sweat protection, and ensuring lasting freshness with the iconic phrase ‘kepala, bahu, lutut, kaki, dengan Johnson’s’ deeply resonated with our target audience.