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Cheesy Romance Takes Over Malaysia: Perfect Italiano & Chesdale’s Korean Drama-inspired Cheese Creations Win Hearts

Advertiser: Fonterra Brands (M) Sdn Bhd
Brand: Chesdale
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Objective & Challenge
With MCO acting as an accidental catalyst, the demand for cheese skyrocketed like never before, as families were forced to cook within the confines of their homes, leading to a very successful year for Perfect Italiano & Chesdale. However, as Malayisan gradually embraced the new normal, the allure of dining out reclaimed its dominion, causing a significant 30% drop in sales volume in 2022! Against this backdrop, we needed a solution to address both our business and consumers we serve. Hence, the objective of the campaign was to arrest this decline by reigniting the warm, tender love of everyday cooking with cheese among Malaysian moms.

Insight & Strategy
How much cheese is too much cheese? Cheese has always been seen as a symbol of luxury and decadence, but in Malaysia, it is a symbol of pure, unadulterated pleasure. We drench everything in gooey goodness, from our Pisang Goreng to Roti Canai, and for the more adventurous, even our beloved Nasi Lemak! It seems, against all odds, that cheese finds a way into every crevice of our local dishes across all the different ethnicities in Malaysia. And from the consumer lens, the pandemic also hyper-boosted video content consumption, video became the ultimate refuge for all, whether it’s the goal ‘ol box television or through an internet-enabled device; an astounding 6 out of 10 consumers devoured a mind-boggling 2.4 billion hours of video content in a mere quarter of 2022, and 4 out of 10 of these contents are Korean-based content! These two insights became the anchor to our approach to reigniting the warm, tender love of everyday cooking with cheese as we created Malaysia’s First Ever Emotion-Inspired Cooking Recipes! As Korean dramas were trending heavily during that period of time, we identified five series that could best represent the emotions of joy, affection, love, sadness, and contentment. Following that, a culinary renowned celebrity chef, Chef Sherson, was engaged to conceptualise customised cheese cooking recipes that are designed to invoke the different range of emotions identified from the five trending Korean series:- (i) She Was Pretty led to “Ayam Pergghhh Cik Cheese” (ii) Shooting Stars led to “Chocolate Beef & Cheese Wrap” (iii) Why Her led to “Pai Kak Limah” (iv) Woori The Virgin led to “Spicy Cheesy Ayam Mantau Meletooooopppp!!!” (v) W: Two Worlds led to the “Fold-Over multiverse.”

‘Once the core idea of the campaign was established, we set the wheels in motion through a three-pronged approach that left no stone unturned in captivating the hearts and taste buds of Malaysian moms. Firstly, we embarked on a roadblock extravaganza in collaboration with Viu, Malaysia’s premier OTT platform. We curated five customised celebrity chef episodes, showcasing the mesmerising, emotion-invoking recipes. These series quickly became the talk of the town as we implemented an all-encompassing roadblock strategy, seizing control of Viu’s homepage, every single video content, and even dominating all native display spaces. The campaign spread like wildfire, swiftly becoming the topic of conversation among Malaysian moms and transforming these recipes into a culinary phenomenon. But we didn’t stop there; to create a sense of urgency and captivate audiences further, we created shorter and punchier versions of the videos and unleashed a nationwide high-frequency campaign that seized the spotlight by hijacking all food recipe contents on YouTube through content, affinity, and keyword targeting. As a result, the digital video landscape was flooded with our irresistible cheese-infused creations, leaving Malaysian moms yearning for more. Finally, to ensure utmost relevance during actual food moments, we activated a strategy to target Malaysian moms while they are actively seeking food options across the day on an alternative video ecosystem. Video shoppable native ads took the spotlight on the GRAB app, triggering moms across the nation to access these mouthwatering recipes while they are in their food outreach moments. The integration of technology across the video ecosystem (from content to shopping) and culinary innovation (emotion-evoking recipes) definitely left a lasting imprint on Malaysian moms, as the campaign would eventually go on to drive double-digit growth in brand love scores!

‘The campaign served a sumptuous delight and resounding success! Viewership reached staggering heights, transcending all expectations. The series achieved a huge milestone by securing the HIGHEST NUMBER OF COMPLETED VIEWS ON VIU, outperforming VIU’s local content (average 260k views) with an astounding 300k views within a month. Even on YouTube, where attention spans are notoriously fleeting, the video series garnered a remarkable 30% video view completion rate, a truly impressive feat considering all the videos stretched over 9 to 10 minutes! But the triumph didn’t end there. The combined might of Chesdale and Perfect Italiano unleashed a sales surge that soared to remarkable heights. TOTAL SALES OF CHESDALE & PERFECT ITALIANO GREW BY +15% compared to the same quarter of the previous year, leaving competitors in the dust. The campaign also achieved an astonishing +337% sales uplift in GRAB, nothing like the same period before the campaign went live! The campaign surpassed all expectations, redefining what is possible in the realm of culinary success. And more importantly, the campaign reignited the love of Malaysian moms towards everyday cooking with cheese, as THE CAMPAIGN ACHIEVED DOUBLE DIGIT GROWTH in Brand love scores vis-à-vis 2021!