Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2023 | |

Sunsilk: BlackPink Blockout

Advertiser: Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd
Brand: Sunsilk
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Objective & Challenge
For years, Sunsilk has been empowering Malaysian women to pursue their passions while maintaining healthy and long hair. However, the brand has been facing challenges in remaining relevant to the GenZ Malay girls, particularly with rising competition from Safi Shayla having captured their consideration. The irresistible KPOP culture holds significant influence and continues to grow as a passion point among the young Malay audience. Sunsilk saw an ideal opportunity to tap into the excitement surrounding Blackpink, one of the biggest KPOP stars in the world, holding a concert in Malaysia. Nevertheless, cutting through the noise and clutter surrounding the concert promotion, originating from both the artist, enthusiastic fanbase and sponsors is not an easy task. The agency’s task was without being a sponsor, using Blackpink concert occasion to build relevance and increase consideration for Sunsilk among Malay female 15–24yearolds, and to increase market share by 100 basis points during the campaign period.

Insight & Strategy
While Blackpink caused a massive internet sensation in Malaysia, we analyzed a couple of data points related to overall concert behavior. The frenzy begins when ticket sales are announced and reaches its peak on the concert date. Prior to the concert, content consumption extends beyond concert information, encompassing various aspects of the artist such as their music videos, previous concerts interviews, dance moves, concert outfits, and even memorizing the song lyrics. Endless videos and photos of their concert experience is also put by fans as well as postconcert, reminiscing on the concert experience and sharing on socials. Based on these insights and the behavior of KPOP concert lovers, we hijacked and owned concert behavior moments, injecting the Sunsilk brand seamlessly with content relevant to the audience including hijabs and tudung donning girls. Throughout the campaign we employed a comprehensive list of video assets; 30s, 15s and 6s branded content for showcasing product with 3 YouTube creator assets (Sabrina, Cikidot, Athisha). The agency devised a specific strategy to leverage the concert hype and establish Sunsilk as an integral part of the conversation. The campaign commenced with a prehype stage, marked by a significant 100% Share of Voice (SOV) roadblock on the Blackpink YouTube channel. The engagement was further nurtured through the creation of original content involving various creators, aiming to establish a strong association between Sunsilk and the concert. For instance, one type of content produced was Outfit of the Day (OOTD) content, inspiring young Malaysians to emulate the style icons they admire in Blackpink. These initiatives were amplified through additional roadblocks and a flurry of communication from Sunsilk, ensuring widespread visibility and generating excitement.

A comprehensive fivepronged media strategy was implemented to bring the concert experience to life for concertgoers and KPOP fans in Malaysia. The 100% Share of Voice (SOV) Roadblocks on the Blackpink YouTube channel with Sunsilk branded assets was implemented prior to the concert to capitalize on the ticket sale hype. This ensured that all viewers of Blackpink’s music videos in Malaysia would see Sunsilk’s message consistently, strengthening the association of Sunsilk with the KPOP passion point. The campaign utilized both Cost Per Hour (CPH) and CPM mastheads during the week of the concert. CPH mastheads were strategically placed during 68pm primetime bands to target the surge in YouTube audience consumption traffic. The timing aligned with the rising interest in Blackpink, as indicated by Google Trends, allowing Sunsilk to capture the attention of fans in the hours leading up to the concert, when they were preparing and consuming Blackpink’s music on YouTube. The campaign enlisted three popular content creators for 100% SOV channel roadblocks. Sabrina Azhar introduced a fashion angle by showcasing three different modest fashion looks suitable for the concert, incorporating the styling of pink hijabs to align with Blackpink’s aesthetic. Athisha Khan showed us a day in the life featuring Sunsilk usage while keeping her followers engaged with her vlogging style. Lastly, Cikidot presented a humorous and lively Blackpink dance cover. To extend Sunsilk’s association with KPOP and beauty, video assets were deployed on KPOP and beautyrelated YouTube content as Lineup targeting. Different ad formats were utilized based on the length of the content and the specific devices and placements where the target audience would encounter the ads. Creator Promos with Feed Ads, an innovative format, involved collaborating with the three creators and leveraging their videos within the Google Shopping Feed. The creator videos were utilized as infeed content for consideration, as well as skippable ads with Google Merchant Center extensions. This deployment enabled Sunsilk to extend the reach of the creator video and drive immediate actions on the eCommerce site, capitalizing on the engagement generated by their content.

Massive awareness was achieved for the new Sunsilk variant. The results include 65% of our targeted TA of 1834 females reached with Sunsilk’s communication. The overall campaign reached 9.9 million of Female 1834, and it managed to achieve a bestinclass Ad recall of +3.92%. YearOnYear Search Lift of +10.69% on branded keywords for Sunsilk was achieved in March 2023 vs March 2022. Sunsilk achieved the highest lift in branded search terms versus competition. This indicates that searches for Sunsilk resulted in incremental targeted users searching for Sunsilk products. Creator Promotions, a first for Unilever Malaysia, enabled Sunsilk to extend the reach of creator video. It resulted in 5.6 million reach and higher brand recall for Sunsilk from creator video +45.8% on full videos and +48.2% on shorts format. The business target was achieved as well following the launch of the campaign with the brand achieved the highest market share performance in the last 12 months. As a result, the market share rose by 160 bps for Sunsilk vs previous month (February’23). In contrast, in the same duration, the main competitor brand faced a decline of 70 bps. Also, during the campaign month of March, Sunsilk saw a sales growth of 24.6% while the category growth was at 17%. The campaign was successful in cementing Sunsilk’s association with young Malay female audiences and smoothly transitioned to become a part of their world.