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The Flavor Fusion: Conquering Cravings with foodpanda and KL Foodie

Advertiser: Delivery Hero Sdn. Bhd
Brand: foodpanda
Creative Agency: UNIVERSAL McCANN
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Objective & Challenge
Once fuelled by the impact of the pandemic, the food delivery sector is now a thriving industry. foodpanda, a pioneer food delivery platform in Malaysia, faces fierce competition from over 20 players in Malaysia, including ShopeeFood, AirAsiaFood and DeliverEat. In this crowded landscape where competitors offer similar deals and discounts, foodpanda needed to drive differentiation and top of mind among consumers. foodpanda needed to establish a strong association with food and become the go-to food directory, ensuring that whenever people thought about food, they instinctively turn to foodpanda for their food delivery needs.

Insight & Strategy
Food is not merely a means of sustenance in Malaysia; it is a way of life. From gourmet cuisines to local street food, Malaysians are always seeking out new flavour fusions and mouth-watering eats. While others embark on road trips for scenic views, Malaysians embark on food trips for a culinary adventure. To seek inspiration for their next food adventure, Malaysians turn to food review websites and videos, which have become increasingly popular. According to a study by YouTube, the Food video category, along with Music, Beauty, and Gaming, has experienced remarkable growth in Malaysia, with 151% increase in subscribers and 76% surge in watch time. Designed to intercept the consumer journey of food-hunting, we strategically partnered with KLFoodie, Malaysia’s No.1 food guide and review platform. With this collaboration, we leveraged on KLFoodie’s expertise is producing mouth-watering food content videos to showcase foodpanda vendors and promotions to inspire consumers at key food moments.

KLFoodie, Malaysia’s leading food guide and review platform, boasts an impressive reach with over 100 million monthly video views and 15 million followers across their social media pages. Their brands, KLFoodie, PenangFoodie, JohorFoodie, HalalFoodie, and FoodieMyChiHuo (Mandarin, translates to FoodieMyEatPlay), have garnered a diverse and dedicated fanbase that spans across different races and culinary preferences. Leveraging on KLFoodie’s extensive reach and expertise on developing Food Video content, we implemented a three-prong content strategy to deliver engaging content that inspires and resonates with food audiences whilst promoting foodpanda’s vendor choices and promotions. Each month, 10 exclusive foodpanda features were curated to continually inspire Malaysian foodies. 1) Exclusive Vendor Features Dedicated content featuring foodpanda’s partner vendors are created to highlight their unique offerings, signature dishes, and promotions available through foodpanda. For example, we developed dedicated content for foodpanda’s exclusive partner vendor, AmazonVegan, a home-grown Malaysian vegan fast-food chain. By featuring AmazonVegan’s signature items like the SmashBurger and PhillyCheeseSteak, with an enticing offer of up to 20% off using foodpanda’s MAKAN20 promocode, we successfully drove customers to experience AmazonVegan through foodpanda. 2) Culinary Adventure Series We also collaborated on a culinary adventure series, where we got KLFoodie to embark on exciting culinary journeys, exploring different cuisines and hidden gems in Malaysia. These videos showcased the convenience and variety available through foodpanda, inspiring food audience segments such as Food Adventurers, Gourmet Hunters, and Local Lovers to order and try! For example, during the KoreanFriedChicken trend, we conducted an interactive poll, comparing multiple foodpanda KoreanFriedChicken vendors based on crunchiness, flavor options, and price. Food Adventurers can try them all at a 25% discount, if they’re a pandapro subscriber (foodpanda’s subscription programme). Such targeted content resonated with the specific preferences of the audiences, effectively driving engagement and orders through foodpanda. When the MichelinGuide debuted in Malaysia, Gourmet Hunters eagerly visited the listed restaurants. To cater to those without reservations, foodpanda enlisted these restaurants to our vendor list, allowing Gourmet Hunters to have their Michelin-starred meals delivered. KLFoodie’s video reviews promoted this initiative and encouraged Malaysians to order through foodpanda. Nasi Kandar holds a special place in the hearts of many Malaysians, but amid numerous popular chains, hidden gems often go unnoticed. In collaboration with KL Foodie, we generated content to raise awareness about lesser-known vendors, such as featuring Hameediyah, Penang’s oldest Nasi Kandar, enticing young Local Lovers to order and experience it through foodpanda. 3) Guest Interviews and Recipe Features foodpanda offers a diverse selection of vendors on their app, from renowned restaurant chains to talented Home Chefs. To showcase the passion and stories behind these small businesses, KL Foodie content enabled viewers to meet foodpanda’s passionate Home Chefs through interviews and recipe features. For instance, meet Ming Kitchen, who perfected his Taiwanese braised chicken rice recipe while residing in Taiwan. Through these interviews, we aim to highlight the dedication of our Home chefs and foodpanda deals where pandapro subcribers get to enjoy 30% off for Home Chef vendors. This approach effectively highlighted the breadth of foodpanda’s offerings and generated interest among consumers to try them out. To extend reach beyond KLFoodie’s fanbase, we ran video ads on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok using video content curated in partnership with KLFoodie. Audience segments were targeted by location for relevance with new content monthly to showcase foodpanda’s variety.

In the first three months following our launch, an impressive 31 foodpanda food videos were curated in partnership with KLFoodie. These resulted in 172 foodpanda postings across various platforms, including KLFoodie, PenangFoodie, JohorFoodie, HalalFoodie, and FoodieMyChiHuo. Our collaboration delivered positive growth across Business and Brand health metrics (comparing against previous quarter): 1)+3% points on Food Top Of Mind 2)+5% points on Food Preference 3)+5% points on foodpanda Brand Love In terms of campaign media metrics, we delivered: 1)+28% lift on organic foodpanda searches following campaign launch, compared to past month 2)15 million Malaysian foodies reached with our innovative content collaboration with KLFoodie 3)19.9 million video views across 172 video postings on Facebook, Twitter and TikTok 4)210K social engagements 5)Garnered 15K bookmarks and shares on TikTok And that’s how foodpanda inspired Malaysian foodies and became the go-to food directory for all their food delivery needs!