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Lengkapkan Sahur, Semangatkan Ramadan Bersama Berocca

Advertiser: Bayer
Brand: Berocca
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Objective & Challenge
Ramadan across the world and Malaysia is a month of reflection and moderation in eating and personal habits for all Muslims. Unfortunately, health and supplementation takes a back seat during this holy month especially as their daily supplement consumption practice is disrupted as Muslim partake in their daily fasting routine on top of the challenge of managing their daily responsibilities from work commitment, to family requirements, down to even meeting their personal life goals. Hence the core objective of the campaign was to create a need for energy and focus supplementation during the holy month of fasting, and to subsequently drive resonance and relevancy of Berocca in the space of energy and focus to Malaysian Muslims, and therefore “Lengkapkan Sahur, Semangatkan Ramadan Bersama Berocca (Complete Your Sahur for a Spirited Ramadan”)!

Insight & Strategy
The prophet once said “Whoever does not have the intention of fasting before Fajr, there is no fast for them”. Apart from its spiritual significance, Sahur holds great importance in ensuring a successful fast by providing Muslims with the energy and focus for the day ahead especially as they strive to juggle work and religious commitment. Hence recognizing the significance of Sahur, we made it the focal point of our campaign, aiming to make it a personal and be the brand that anchors and provides Muslims with solid kickstart to their challenging day ahead. While on the media side of things, the digital ecosystem has evolved so much that it has become a fragmented landscape where consumers are are bombarded with stimuli from various different sources at the same time, resulting in a significant low attention span ; average eyes on dwell time for mobile at 1.0s, desktop at 1.7s, IG infeed at 1.3s and Meta infeed at 1.6s. We understood that a mere generic one-to-many ads would simply vanish into the abyss of blind spots and in a world where Malaysians are constantly seeking satisfaction amidst the whirlwind of content, the task for us was the most challenging yet fundamental : we needed to break through the clutter and CAPTIVATE. Hence, we embarked on an endeavor to create Malaysia’s first Personal Sahur Daily Wake Up Call and Check-in Buddy. The goal was to transform a daily mundane routine to an action of joy and inspiration for all Muslims across the nation by injecting a spark of excitement and trill to every morning; we partnered with Luqman Podolski, a homegrown talent who raised to fame from humble beginning to create a digital ecosystem where consumers are able to have a daily interaction with Luqman every Sahur while priming themselves with Berocca to tackle the day ahead!

To set the stage right for a complete immersive and captivating experience, we needed to ensure we provide our consumers a condusive platform for engagement, and therefore we built an exclusive mobile first microsite which Malaysians can sign up for a customised daily 5AM engagement in the form of a call and SMS greetings from one of the most well loved and exciting Malaysian voice, especially among the Muslim audiences – Luqman Podolski! With his uproarious comedy skits that resonate across multiple channels, he is able to break through the clutter and monotony of typical Ramadan brand advertisements, ensuring an authentic and standout experience that transcends the sea of similarity. In addition, we also incentivised consumer’s daily habit of consuming Berocca during Sahur moment by having a weekly point based contest on social where participants stands a chance to win many interesting prizes from Apple AirPods Pro to iphones to various different shopping vouchers Following this, an integrated 360 campaign was built around this activation to ensure we amplify the reach and engagement to as many Muslim Malaysians as possible. Customized campaigns was activated across display, video, social, audio and TV anchoring our first Personal Sahur Daily Wake up Call and Check-In Buddy: Video Immersion : Thematic video ads ran across TV, YouTube, and OTT platforms to establish the awareness of our Sahur activation campaign along with the core message of Berocca consumption to kickstart the day. Mobile Take Over : Leveraging rich media programmatic network, we deployed a two pronged dynamic countdown mobile ads of Luqman targeting Malaysians. The first layer of the approached involved precision targeting via day part and affinity targeting pre-Sahur, post Sahur and Iftar moments of the day. The second layer involves customized messaging to match the different lifestage of each of core target audience (business professionals, sports enthusiasts, and students). Social Activation : Introduced the Tiktok Duet Challenge #BersahurBersamaBerocca (‘Sahur together with Berocca’) where we recruited three KOLs with different personalities who created “duet” videos in different styles – lip synching (pantun / poetic skit); acting (dramatic conversation); dancing (high energy moves). Consumers pick a style that appeals to them and “duet” or “collaborate” with the selected KOL on a split-screen to complete the video for the opportunity to win prizes. E-com Stimulation : Exclusive online promotions to drive trials and purchases on Berocca’s official e-store with the e-exclusive Ramadan Sahur Kit which consisted of 30x sachets of Berocca tablets to encourage daily consumption throughout the Ramadan month. This included 2x Shopee Live sessions and Berocca Brand Days in partnership with leading healthcare chains Guardian and Watsons.

Immersed by Berocca experience, the campaign was a huge success across all platforms! Social : 537 mil views for Duet Challenge with above 40% engagement rate across TikTok, Meta and Instagram. Brand Health : Aided awareness grew to 91% from 81% (previous quarter) combined with an increase of 5% in trial usage. Brand Message : 1. 95% agrees that drinking Berocca during Sahur helps to keep me energized throughout the day. 2. 97% agrees that Berocca contains the vitamins and minerals required for Ramadan. 3. 97% agrees that Berocca gives me energy to help each other during Ramadan. Sales : More than 2,000 sahur kits were sold in less than 1 month with 5 star rating (an increased 35% from FY21) and consumption value increased by 30.5% vs Ramadan 2021.