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2023 | |

Berkat Ramadhan dan Susu Dutch lady

Advertiser: Dutch Lady Milk Industries
Brand: Dutch Lady
Creative Agency: PHD MEDIA (M) SDN BHD
Credits: -

Objective & Challenge
An Environment Milked Dry Ramadhan is always the month of competition for F&B brands and those remotely related. Every taste and culinary ad-aspects are a competition binding itself to Ramadhan motifs. Even a brand like Dutch Lady, with its near-perfect brand awareness, competes uphill for Top-of-Mind Awareness (TOMA). Despite launching their Banana-flavoured and Kurma-flavoured (dates) milk as a Ramadhan exclusive, they needed a separate space to compete. Dutch Lady wanted to drive sales for their new flavours. To do so, not only will they leverage on new ad formats, but the products need to pivot itself into an often-negated category; cooking supplies. To better assimilate with ‘The right audience at the right timing’, a platform partner is also necessary, above and beyond the usual programmatic layering. Thus, Dutch Lady partnered with Grab to harness their technology affiliation to travel, eating, and shopping moments. This allowed Dutch Lady to tap into precise action moments with the advantage of logistics convenience navigated digitally. Success of this campaign is measured by SKU sales driven by Grab.

Insight & Strategy
Until the Milk Comes Home The overall strategy involves a myriad of factors: – Simplicity: Recipes that require minimal steps and ingredients. – Accessibility: Not limited by location or time. – Convenience: Ingredients listed, selected, carted, and delivered in minimal taps. Every Grab user opens the app with an intention; Booking a ride (travels), ordering take-outs (Food), or grocery delivery (Shopping). All intentions are likely linked to fast-breaking arrangements in the month of Ramadhan. On that chance for affinity, Grab offers Dutch Lady an opportunity to interact with its users and communicate their Kurma and Banana Milk’s appeal. In the form of a shoppable-recipe ads, Dutch Lady suggests multiple recipes that utilize their Kurma or Banana Milk as key ingredients. The strategy allows Dutch Lady to optimise TOMA for immediate purchases. By appealing with recipes, Dutch Lady positioned itself as a purchase for the audience’s next home-made meal. Our next insight then moves to purchase drivers. This brings the second app-advantage that Dutch Lady wishes to utilize upon; ease of purchase and logistics. In the ecosystem of Grab, Dutch Lady’s ads could encourage add-to-cart, check-out, and delivery to a location of choice. These factors further harnessed from insight where majority of Muslim audiences are time-pressed in the fasting month.

Buying With The Fewest Clicks Simplicity must be at the heart of execution. The first challenge is sharing recipes achievable by the most amateur of home cooks. Enough in variety to capture a wide audience, but not overwhelm. A sweet spot of 5. Accessibility is tied to participating vendors. Dutch Lady worked with Hero Market for a logistic advantage. Not only are their stores high in volume, they are also more capable of ensuring stock availability throughout the campaign duration. Finally, is Convenience. Dutch Lady also makes sure in addition to its own SKU, other key ingredients (E.g. Sugar, flour, agar-agar powder, etc) can be purchased in the same order. The purchase needs to be completed within minimal steps from the first tap of the ad. Media execution is designed to inspire cooking inclinations. This gave us the advantage of competing even outside conventional Ramadhan meal hours, including tapping into audience shopping moments. However, the Ramadhan festive and gastronomic appeals are retained in the comm-styles to give ourselves optimum contextual advantage. No limits on audience demographic or time of day/week.

Result and Response Improving shopping logistics for the targeted audience served as winning breakthrough for Dutch Lady. Responding to the audience’s cultural insight also taught the brand to limit this convenience to only Ramadhan, where the audience’s needs and priorities shifted. The campaign recorded: – 1.1 million unique users or 12% of the total population in Klang Valley captured. – 5% overachievement of SKU target sales across Malaysia. – 300% overachievement of benchmark CTR at 1.7% – 584% increment in sales driven by Grab Ads.