Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2023 | |

Premiering Happiness to All

Advertiser: UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd
Brand: Toyota Veloz
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Objective & Challenge
In the highly competitive B-segment crossover market, where the likes of Perodua Alza and Honda BRV have established their presence, the introduction of the all-new Veloz posed as a significant contender. This vehicle category holds great popularity within the family segment. Our objective revolved around successfully launching the all-new Veloz to appeal to young families and drive sales. It became crucial to devise a strategy that would allow us to differentiate ourselves within this competitive landscape, ultimately increasing our market share. While the Honda BRV maintains a premium pricing strategy and the Alza positions itself as a value offering, we needed to identify a unique proposition that would set the Veloz apart. How do we create a wedge in this established market to grow shares?

Insight & Strategy
Our approach focused on showcasing the vehicle’s features beyond just price and functionality, emphasizing how it could enhance the lifestyles of young families. By highlighting the distinctive attributes of the all-new Veloz, we aimed to create a desire among consumers to embrace the associated lifestyle it represents. To elevate the perceived value of the model, our strategy involved emphasizing the experiential aspect rather than solely focusing on the vehicle itself. By demonstrating the tangible benefits and the broader experience that the all-new Veloz can provide, we sought to establish an emotional connection with our target audience, driving their desire to be part of the Veloz community. Our primary target audience comprises of young parents who lead busy lives, juggling their professional commitments alongside their parental responsibilities. The challenge lies in the fact that these individuals often miss out on the opportunity to experience the unveiling of new vehicles, as such events are typically restricted to the media within closed-door settings. To address this issue, we conceived the idea of introducing the Veloz experience through a livestream, allowing our target audience to actively participate from anywhere they may be located. Rather than limiting the excitement to a select group of 200 automotive journalists, we decided to open our doors to all enthusiasts who seek happiness.

Our media strategy aimed to effectively communicate with a wide range of young families that had the opportunity to witness the public unveiling of the Veloz. Our key objective was to ensure that they were well-informed about the date and time of the event and the strategy was executed in 3 parts: Counting Down to Happiness: To build anticipation and generate interest, we deployed teaser advertisements leading up to the virtual event. This teaser campaign commenced a month prior to the launch, aiming to capture the attention of potential buyers and encourage their registration. We implemented retargeting strategies to ensure interested individuals were reminded of the livestream date. To maximize hype and generate further interest, we extended our promotional efforts beyond Meta and leveraged additional advertising channels such as search engines, automotive websites, and content platforms to drive registrations and traffic towards the livestream. The Big Announcement on the Launch Day: For the official launch, we executed a series of high-frequency spot buys across popular radio stations including Era, Hitz, and 988 FM for a duration of two weeks. We strategically secured placements in high readership newspaper titles, emphasizing the delightful experience offered by Veloz. Expanding our reach, we optimized our spending across online news platforms using programmatic display techniques. Complementing this, we released a series of branded articles that circulated on top lifestyle websites, showcasing Veloz as the premier choice for adventurous families seeking a premium crossover vehicle. Moreover, we leveraged programmatic rich media, incorporating engaging skinners on leading automotive websites to inspire our target audience. The Big Happy Reveal: To ensure maximum viewership and engagement, we strategically hosted the livestream unveiling of the all-new Veloz in Meta at 9pm on the launch day. This specific time was determined based on thorough analysis of historical data, which indicated that it garners the highest online viewership. Our entire media campaign, including the teaser phase and earlier day-time advertising efforts, was meticulously designed to drive viewership of the livestream, allowing a larger audience to partake in the excitement of the unveiling. The livestream event spanned a total duration of 11 minutes, during which we presented the car unveiling and conducted a comprehensive product walkthrough. This walkthrough served as an opportunity to showcase the exciting features of the new model, highlighting its ability to offer new adventures and happiness for young families. By providing a detailed overview of the Veloz’s capabilities, we aimed to captivate the audience and instill a sense of aspiration and desire for the vehicle.

By premiering happiness to all.. Our campaign yielded exceptional results, surpassing the typical reach of a media launch that generally captures the attention of only 200 journalists. In contrast, we successfully captivated the additional interest of over 2 million potential Veloz buyers, providing us with an extensive and engaged audience, directly. While acknowledging the importance of the media as a vital audience segment, our livestream event offered an additional 1.98 million viewers the opportunity to join the unveiling experience. Impressively, 594,234 viewers remained engaged throughout the entire launch, indicating the high level of interest and enthusiasm generated. Through our follow-up optimization strategy, we achieved a remarkable 37 million impressions over the course of the two-month campaign from teaser to post-launch. Following the livestream, the all-new Veloz achieved an impressive 95.3% of its annual sales target. This remarkable performance contributed to the Veloz surpassing the Honda BRV as the nation’s preferred premium family crossover. According to MAA data, the all-new Veloz recorded 10x the sales volume of the Honda BRV from October to December 2022, demonstrating its strong market appeal and customer preference. Sources: 1. Global Web Index 2. Malaysian Automotive Association Industry Sales Data Jan-Dec 2022