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Unwind and Feel the Alps with Chalet Edelweiss

Advertiser: Heineken Malaysia
Brand: Edelweiss
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Objective & Challenge
Objective: Edelweiss is a premium wheat beer brand that has been in the market for 2 years. The Edelweiss brand DNA encapsulates a playful, curious, optimistic and free-spirited personality. Thus the campaigns objective is clear: 1. Drive awareness for Edelweiss that ultimately encourages people to engage and discover the brand 2. Educate on the sensorial benefits of Edelweiss through KOL experience and campaign creatives: Feel The Alps & Alpine Spirit 3. Portray the playful, curious, optimistic and free spirited personality through all content Challenge: Since Edelweiss is a fairly new brand in the wheat beer segment, we are positioned and primed to take on Kronenbourg 1664′s market share and tap into overall lager beer drinkers to try wheat beer, and drive awareness for the brand. Our challenges in the category is clear: 1. To have breakthrough Communication that builds meaningfully different proposition 2. Drive high differentiation in an established premium beer category and win over wheat beer competitor K1664 3. Increase penetration by driving trial to steal shares from K1664 and concentrate on segment on with higher purchase intents (wheat beer drinkers) 4. Poach market share from K1664 by demonstrating the emotional connection of the brand with the consumer.

Insight & Strategy
Insight: The post-effect from previous years has got Gen Z in a state of restlessness. They are back to their lifestyles and routines, however, they are trapped in a sense of mundanity. They are always craving for fresh, new experiences, an outlet of escape to perk up their weekly routines and having something to look forward to. At the same time, on the lifestyle trends, we detected a pulse on the glamping culture which saw a rise as Malaysians were eager to venture out of the city for a quick escape. Strategy: We decided to pair these findings together and become an enabler for Gen Z’s to create an escape from their mundane routines through an activation and experiential initiative: Chalet Edelweiss Unwind. A one-of-a-kind refreshing glamping event to inspire Gen Zs to #feelTheAlps and embrace the playful side of life. We latched on this culture pulse and weaved in the brand’s credentials which is the distinct sensorial taste taking them on a journey to discover this aspect of the brand during the event. This is breaking the category codes as beer brand’s communications usually focuses on mainly refreshment and socialization.

Chalet Edelweiss Unwind is Edelweiss’ first-ever outdoor experience created with only one thing in mind: providing a place where guests can unplug and disconnect from the mundane. The activation was a 4-day event from 21st to 24th October, at Resorts World Awana Genting Highlands. The brand proposition Feel The Alps was brought to life by the location and chosen venue itself at Genting Highlands – cool surroundings and lush landscape of the famed Malaysian tourist spot which closely resembles the Alps from a local context. The campaign was amplified through social media, programmatic, rich media, KOL and branded content. Consumers can sign up via Pouchnation website or via Glamping communities. Other than that, there were giveaways through Modern On-Trade, eCommerce platform Drinkies and convenience stores. The 4-day weekend was a myriad of activities brought together. The event featured performances on the Alpine Stage by international artists, the talented American singer, songwriter, and producer Jeremy Zucker. Additionally, Chinese-American singer and songwriter Karencici graced the stage with her captivating R&B selections, and Irish singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy. Consumers were ready to sing their lungs out over these artists which were event headliners. Aside from international artists, we organised a brilliant lineup of local artists – Jumero, Crinkle Cut, TY:DEL, Lost Spaces & Colbie Ong. Of course, an outdoor event is not complete without some chill tracks to hype up the night by sunset DJs such as Daaliah, Vanns Ngo and Xu. Aside from the music, the activation experience included a Food Village and Outdoor Games which provided consumers a chance to disconnect and indulge in the playful spirit of the event which resembles what Edelweiss stands for. An array of games were prepared such as “Giant Connect 4,” “Giant Wall Ball Maze,” “Crossnet,” and “Cornhole.” Taking it a notch further, we catered something for nature enthusiasts: a sustainabiliy trail walk complete with invigorating morning yoga sessions available for attendees to connect with and appreciate nature. While all that was happening, the event wouldn’t be complete without the Alps Bar. Consumers could quench their thirst with the freshest Edelweiss wheat beer at the Alps Bar, where they can savor the subtle fruitiness and refreshing taste of these exceptional beverages while immersing themselves in the ambiance of the Alps. To tie the event concept in together, we elevated the Edelweiss Glamping experience with a full glamping tent set-up for content winners. The tents were named after Edelweiss’ core ingredients: Wheat Tent, Hops Tent, and Mountain Herb Tent, named , offer campers a unique and elevated setting to enjoy their stay.

As a fairly new premium wheat brand in the market and daring to take-on conceptual events bringing it to life, we increased traction among camping and glamping communities and consumers. The event had 9,000 sign ups. It also successfully impacted the brand power scores: 1) Q4 2022 Brand Power Score 3.8, meaningful index +8, 2) +216% in post engagement highest growth since the product launch in 2021