Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2023 | |

KFC Klaw YOUth Back to Malaysia’s Finger Linkin’ Good

Advertiser: QSR Stores Sdn Bhd
Brand: KFC
Creative Agency: UNIVERSAL McCANN
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
KFC – familiar, well-loved by Malaysians. But does this still hold true for today’s youth? While KFC and its iconic red-white bucket evokes feelings of comfort, joy and memories to many, digital-first youth have lots vying for their attention, especially with food and trendy chicken variants. Understanding this challenge, we needed to see how best to reconnect with this new generation, to grab their attention, hearts and tummies, and reignite feelings for Malaysia’s Finger Lickin’ Good favourite! We needed to bring the WOW factor in to reinforce KFC as the best fried chicken in town!

Insight & Strategy
Gamification is key to grab attention of youth, as they sit for hours gaming, or scrolling on social media. Additionally, our insights indicated that youth have a high crave factor when it comes to anything big, bold, newsworthy and addictive. We noticed that most buzz and talkability on social media revolved around KFC original recipe – its iconic taste and those memorable moments created, big or small. This meant that while there was a love for our iconic core flavours & heritage, we were not being talked about. Playing on these addictive and craveworthy emotions, we knew we had to (literally), go big with our intent. Leveraging on the idea of a claw machine (popular with youth at malls), we went larger, extra, by giving it the KFC treatment. A giant Klaw machine to ignite feelings of KFC as the most iconic chicken container in the world, and evoke feelings for its winning edge TASTE of 11 secret herbs and spices. A giant Klaw machine to claw the feelings of youth and create new MOMENTS, joyous memories and occasions to make them talk, engage and establish this 75 year old heritage as theirs – unique, special, and connected to emotions of the youth. A giant Klaw machine to bring back the ICONIC ASSET of the KFC bucket, distinctive, memorable, and captured forever in their feeds, hearts and minds. Our strategy built on the trifecta to play on the ADDICTIVE personalities of youth, spanning: Taste, Moments & Assets, to talk about what makes KFC’s iconic fried chicken Finger Lickin Good! KFC Distinctive Taste: To let the Youths know that only KFC has chickens freshly prepared in-store, hand breaded and made with 11 secret herbs and spices. KFC Cravable Moments: To trigger the Youths’ unique sense of favourite moments, by helping them create fun KFC memories through trendy and exciting experiences. KFC Distinctive Assets: Our Bucket has remained iconic throughout the years and needed to come out with a bang to stay relevant amongst today’s Youth. What we created would be a Klawin-good activation at Bukit Bintang to bring out the WOW factor of the most Finger Lickin’ Good Chicken Experience to resonate with youth.

To drive distinctiveness and cravability, we engaged through futuristic, Insta-worthy engagements, to keep youth coming back for more! All elements of creativity were brought to life in the gigantic 10-foot iconic KFC Original Klaw Machine and bucket, accompanied by KFC’s first 3D digital-outdoor creative bringing SUPER DELICIOUS food shots to live with high-quality filmography and best-in-class food shot, exaggerating the Distinctive Taste of hand-breaded drumsticks with 11 herbs and spices via enhanced 3D-effects. The larger than life Distinctive Asset of an iconic KFC bucket was placed in the busiest city locations, Pavillion and KLCC junction to maximise visibility and crowd-pull. The attraction grabbed the crowd’s attention over to KFC Klaw machine to scan KFC QR codes, earn 2 KFC coins and a chance to try their luck to claw and win the special finger lickin’ good pieces of a KFC-branded Drumstick Plushie or KFC vouchers! Plus, one for the gram – to selfie in front of a giant KFC Original Recipe meal breaking through the 3D screen at Pavilion KL! Additionally, we further amplified the cravable shots of our consumers grabbing the irresitable drumstick off the 3D screen on social platforms. This created great Cravable Moments amongst the Youth including Instagrammers and social media mavens clucking and clicking their shutters to express admiration for the visuals. All while sharing KFC love via multiple social media postings, and spreading KFC’s taste guarantee, amongst their fans, friends and followers. Now that’s a Finger Lickin’ Good moment to play on the addictive personality of the youth, to klaw their attention, and draw fans to KFC!

Consideration from Youth (25-34years) noted an increase of +16% and Purchase Intent for KFC increased by +14%. Recommendations rose to +5%, Satisfaction to +9% and cumulative PR-value totalled RM 1.025M. KFC received an overwhelming on-ground response with a whopping 1,945 plushies redeemed, 13,000 coins given out and RM10,000 worth of vouchers distributed. Love returned for KFC with Average Transactions growing +12.8% and sales jumped by a whopping 74% at Pavilion where the campaign ran. Our activation reached more than 2.0mil with 123,000 engagement through our social posting as well as on-ground footfall. And, imitation is the best form of flattery, with that Klaw location becoming an activation ‘hotspot’, even with burger rivals!