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All Roads Lead to The Upside Down KL

Advertiser: Netflix Malaysia
Brand: Netflix
Creative Agency: UNIVERSAL McCANN
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
When it comes to OTT services, Netflix is the leader in the market, but other OTT players are also catching up. Key players such as Viu & iQiyi have started to ramp up their offerings, adding originals into the mix. Disney+ is also breaking into the market through a partnership with Astro. With ample choices, there is no loyalty when it comes to OTT subscriptions. Consumers are drawn in by the library of content and the cheapest subscription packages. Especially with the no-frills-attached subscription model which allows cancellation at anytime, OTT players are constantly fighting to stay engaged with their subscribers. This meant that Netflix had to stay ahead of their game to win against competitors by amping up and strengthening their dominance.

Insight & Strategy
Original titles have always been the key strength of Netflix’s offerings. StrangerThings4, a flagship Originals title, is in the line up to drop right after the Raya festival which meant that we needed to cut through Malaysia’s biggest festive clutter to drive attention. StrangerThings is an American science-fiction horror series set in the 1980s in a small town called Hawkins. The premise of the plot revolves around how researchers at Hawkins National Laboratory opened a rift to the “Upside Down,” an alternate dimension that reflects the real world. After the abduction of Will Byers, his family and group of friends started to investigate his disappearance, which led them towards the alternate dimension, TheUpsideDown. To compete against an iconic festive, we knew we had to create something big to break the clutter. We anticipated high traffic out of town for the Raya celebration, leaving KL empty. There we saw the opportunity to surprise KL-aites when they are back from Raya break with the ultimate surprise. Leveraging on the key premise of the series, we decided to take the bull by its horns by turning KL UpsideDown giving rise to ‘All Roads Lead to TheUpsideDown in KL!’

Leading to global release, our campaign strided over 3 phases: 1) Save the Date: We spoofed Malaysia’s most famous Ramadan ad, the ‘YusufTaiyoob’ whisper, and changed it to ‘Save The Date’ leveraging on the same VO talent as the iconic ad, surprising many Malaysians! The clip was seeded in high reach mediums, native formats across key social channels. 2) Amplify the Hype: Then we started to unveil what UpsideDown would bring and started by invading the longest running and top entertainment programme in the country, Melodi. On the last weekend prior to the launch, we turned Melodi’s set ‘UpsideDown’ shocking viewers! Melodi’s host and guest artist, NabilaHuda and AndiBernadee, both role played as main characters, narrating and telling viewers what to expect in the coming week. We further amplified the buzz on SAYS (a top entertainment portal for the latest updates and news) and collaborated with none other than LynHui, a local upcoming artist who’s famous for being obsessed with StrangerThings! Together with the publisher, we created an immersive article with rich, hand drawn visuals reliving iconic scenes from Season1 to Season4. Bringing viewers to a climax, we disclosed that KL’s rift to UpsideDown will also be opened. We had readers uncode a flippable map to reveal how KLTower and KwaiChaiHong would be turned upside down! 3) KL turned UpsideDown: in a way KLaites have never seen before a) KL Tower A landmark in Kuala Lumpur measuring at 1,381 feet, located at the golden triangle. KLTower projected its firstever light and sound projection in 27 years featuring the rift opening up in the heart of KL. KLTower served as a canvas for the UpsideDown. Upon sundown the projection unveiled teasing scenes from the third and fourth seasons, unleashing monstrosities that had been lying in wait in the Upside Down. Alongside, there were also photo opportunities on the lawn featuring the StrangerThings4 sign with vibrant neon lights, a recreation of the mysterious Creel House and the house’s ominous grandfather clock, driving organic content creation on social media. b) KwaiChaiHong aka GhostAlley in China Town located in one of the oldest parts of KualaLumpur that is rich in culture and famous for its urban legend, which befits the mysterious world of StrangerThings. At the entrance, we installed a mural installation created by Melakaborn artist Amir Andhar. Depicting the series, the mural is sectioned into different “rooms” inspired by key moments from the past seasons to draw interest towards the new season. The journey continued into the heritage alley, featuring the iconic Christmas lights from Season1. We also dressed up alleys with alien vines and had it crawled through the whole of GhostAlley, mirroring TheUpsideDown invasion. Finally, we unveiled Vecna, the powerful perpetrator of Season4 at the end of the alley for fans to recreate the iconic moment in TheUpsideDown from the series! The onground attracted heaps of attention that even celebrity cosplayed as characters of StrangerThings to come and explore the invasion!

The guerilla-style media tactics and UpsideDown takeover were extremely successful in generating earned media and interest in Netflix as a content brand. – StrangerThings4 became the No. 1 title in Malaysia and tops Google Search Trend in Malaysia during the launch week. – The Melodi invasion garnered 2.4mil reach, while 76k fans got their season recap via the immersive article. – 2,150 visitors visited KLTower for an opportunity to witness the projection, leading to the closure of KLTower gates for crowd control. – There’s 56,500 attendance to KCH, an increased of 2x over weekdays and 3x during weekdays as compared to usual days. – The campaign garnered 112mil impression, 18mil views and 223k engagement across all StrangerThings4 assets. Based on DigiMind Report, there is an increase of +15% YoY social conversations Vs KPI of 10% (9/5 – 6/6): – 5.4M estimated reach, 2.5M social interactions, 8.3K mentions. – #strangerthings4 hashtag trended on Twitter for 10 days in Malaysia.