Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2023 | |

Mengukir Malaysia Series – Unsung Malaysian Hero

Advertiser: Telekom Malaysia
Brand: TM Corporation
Creative Agency: UNIVERSAL McCANN
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
Traditional culture and arts are rapidly dying out as today’s generation rapidly adapts to a more globalized and modern world. Malaysia is known as a cultural melting pot, but dwindling interest in traditions and the arts could potentially leave a void in the rich fabric of our cultural history.

Insight & Strategy
31st August 2022 marked the 65th Independence Day for Malaysia, and as Malaysians came together to celebrate Merdeka Day, TM as the oldest Telecommunications Provider in Country, took on the mission of preserving this unique culture and history. To recognise this as an important day to walk down the memory lane and remind us about what’s made us a great nation, TM launched #MengukirMalaysia (Crafting Malaysia) with the aim of reviving Malaysia’s culture and heritage through innovative technologies for the Merdeka Day celebration. To convey the intangible heritage and spirit of Malaysia, we looked towards Wayang Kulit – a form of traditional theatre with a unique identity of rich history in Southeast Asia and Malaysia. The Wayang Kulit is considered to be the earliest form of animation and storytelling, presenting an immersive way for us to tell a Merdeka story.

We looked to tell the story of Ibu Zain – an unsung hero who played an important role in empowering women and her story has left a remarkable footprint to the Malaysian women whereby she has fought for women’s education right in the past – to honour her story of the past and bring it firmly in the present through the means of a digital experience. To modernise Wayang Kulit, we launched the World’s First 360° Wayang Kulit Experience in a microsite, enabling users to immerse into the experience, navigating in 360° view by moving the device to look around the scene, allowing for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin shares. Going further, we retarget people who watched the video for IG Filters allowed users to create their own Wayang Kulit Character to spread the message of culture and heritage on Instagram and reaching out to the youth. The campaign was supported with an integrated approach offline and online, broadcasting on Pay TV in the full version of 3 mins 50sec across top rated programmes & Radio in premium positioning with a CTA message to visit the microsite and multiple digital platforms, driving users to the microsite to engage with the interactive 360° video. For further leverage, we put the TM Merdeka ad on the hall of fame via Merdeka Shorties in celebration of the best Merdeka films of the year.

1) TM garnered the most views amongst competitors with the combination of both 3 Mins and 30 sec videos. 2) Garnered 18 million views (vs planned at 8.2m) in YouTube, followed by 4.6 million views in TikTok. 3) Nominated as Top Merdeka Video Commercial in 2022 and published in multiple news sources. 4) Nominated as Top 10 winner in Expert’s Choice Awards for Merdeka TVCs 2022. 5) Campaign objective is to drive 9 million views to our video, and we achieved an additional +225% views vs planned. 6) High brand affinity scores +3.4 points in index and +24.3 points in impression