Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Maxis Deepavali- Lighting up lives and businesses at the same time!

Advertiser: Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd
Brand: Maxis
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Objective & Challenge
Promoting inclusivity in Malaysia’s digital landscape The emergence of the digital economy has become increasingly crucial, and no individual or community should be left behind. In one of the reports, it is said that while overseas Indians are amongst the best educated and successful communities in the world (The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs), peoples of Indian origin living in Malaysia find themselves marginalized and excluded from the mainstream of national development. As a leading converged solution provider, Maxis upholds its “Always be Ahead” promise. Maxis strives to empower the marginalized Indian community in Malaysia by providing support and opportunities to Indian SMEs. The campaign aims to establish a strong bond, celebrate unique qualities, and foster growth. Through a strategic media partnership, Maxis aims for high reach, brand likeability, and persuasion beyond industry benchmarks, with an ROI target exceeding 10x. Maxis aimed to overcome obstacles, stand out, and contribute to the success of the Indian community in Malaysia’s digital landscape.

Insight & Strategy
Uplifting Indian SMEs: The global economy was significantly impacted by the COVID19 pandemic, affecting both large corporations and small businesses alike. While prominent brands and big corporations were slowly recovering from the repercussions of the pandemic, small businesses, particularly those owned by individuals of Indian descent, continued to face ongoing challenges. These small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) bore the brunt of the crisis, and their best chance to recover losses was during the Deepavali festival. However, many of these businesses still operated in traditional ways like brick and mortar presence, face to face interactions, limited operating hours, manual working with limited resources when they stand alone, they may also lack essential digital skills to expand customer reach. Recognizing the importance of empowering small businesses, especially those owned by Indians, with the necessary digital skills to thrive in today’s market, Maxis saw an opportunity to provide them with tools and resources. Our goal was to support these micro entrepreneurs and provide them with a media platform to generate additional income, thereby enhancing their Deepavali celebrations. Through this initiative, Maxis aimed to bridge the digital divide and create a supportive ecosystem that uplifted Indian businesses, enabling them to adapt to the digital era and seize new opportunities. To achieve this, we implemented a comprehensive strategy to establish an exclusive online marketplace. By equipping small businesses with essential digital skills and offering a dedicated marketplace, our aim was to enhance their visibility, expand their customer base, and contribute to their financial recovery. We understood that enabling small businesses to leverage the digital landscape was crucial for their long term sustainability and growth, while also contributing to the broader Malaysian economy.

Collaborating with the right platform: The Indian community, consisting of 1.7 million individuals, is tightly knit, united by their values, beliefs, culture, and media consumption habits. Hence, our media strategy was designed as a smart collaboration, focusing on Astro as our strategic partner. This partnership was a perfect fit, as Astro dominates the Indian Share of eyeballs and listenership across platforms, offering high reach and impact. Astro boasts an impressive Indian household penetration of 87% for TV and a fanbase penetration of 91% for radio, across segments such as PMEBs (27%), blue collar workers (29%), students (17%), and housepersons (28%), inspiring and empowering the community. The collaboration between Maxis and Astro led to the creation of the groundbreaking ‘Maxis Olirkiratu Marketplace,’ a Deepavali Digital Bazaar. Leveraging Maxis’ position as a leading converged provider, the bazaar merged technology with tradition, enabling local businesses to reach consumers digitally anytime, anywhere. This initiative aimed to democratize the community and make a tangible difference. The campaign began with a recruitment phase, inviting business owners to submit their entries through on This was followed by the amplification stage, where businesses were promoted across multiple platforms on Astro, including radio, TV, and digital platforms. To provide a seamless shopping experience, virtual business cards were created for 108 businesses on our website, allowing shoppers to directly access each business’s channel and support them. To cater to the Indian community’s affinity for movies, lower third banners were strategically scheduled during prime time on selected TV channels, coinciding with popular Indian films. Maxis and Astro utilized their YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram channels to further support and encourage the community, showcasing apparel, decorations, home items, and arts and crafts. The Deepavali brand film, accompanied by a music video, engaged the Indian community, and promoted the message of ‘Lighting Up Possibilities,’ directing online viewers to the marketplace. The campaign is also further amplified with strong call to action on radio stations: Raaga FM and MIX FM. This collaborative effort aimed to uplift the Indian community and encourage active participation.

Creating strong ties with Indian SMEs The campaign yielded remarkable outcomes, but more importantly, it allowed us to establish a strong connection with the Indian community and celebrate entrepreneurship during the festival of light and hope, Deepavali. Throughout the campaign, we successfully reached out to 1.29 million individuals, which accounted for approximately 85% of the total Indian population on TV @4+. On radio, our campaign resonated with 2.93 million listeners, with an average exposure of 17.3 times over the course of the campaign period. In the digital space, we achieved a significant reach of 3 million, accompanied by 3.3 million impressions, 68,382 engagements, and 9,559 total clicks. Additionally, we received an impressive number of 139 entries, surpassing the initial key performance indicator by 39%. The ad test results revealed highly positive scores across various categories, with Brand Likeability at 60 vs benchmark score of 55, and Brand Persuasion at 70 vs benchmark score of 53. Furthermore, according to the brand health tracker, Brand Persuasion among the Indian population exhibited significant improvement, rising from 21 in Q3’22 to 33 in Q4’22. Overall, the return on investment (ROI) for the entire campaign surpassed the target, achieving a 2x increase.