Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2023 | |

Unveiling the Icon: YSL’s Monorail Billboard Domination – YSL launches 8.6km long OOH billboard

Advertiser: YSL
Brand: Yves Saint Laurent
Creative Agency: ZENITH
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
YSL is a prominent player in the luxury landscape in Malaysia. However, the challenges faced are immense, with a greater demand for innovation every minute to claim leadership. Competing brands like Chanel and Dior are regular fixtures in high street locations around KL such as Pavilion and Bukit Bintang, screaming dominance and claiming mind-space of audiences. With Johnny Depp’s famous court trial, Dior doubled down on its media presence to milk every minute of fame. In the face of such stiff competition, YSL needed something radical to stand out and make its mark. Dua Lipa – our YSL ambassador fortunately or unfortunately wasn’t embroiled in any famous trial, so we needed something path breaking to challenge competition.

Insight & Strategy
Our research has shown that OOH campaigns have a significant impact on YSL’s target audience, with over 40% being influenced by billboard ads. By incorporating OOH into our mix of social and video campaigns, we can boost our influential reach by 9%. With these insights in mind, we identified key high-traffic areas in KL to maximize our brand exposure. But then how to fight the already cluttered OOH landscape in key-traffic areas? We decided to deploy a billboard which was literally 8.6km long in coverage and covered the entire ‘high-street location map’ everyday- The KL MONORAIL TRAIN. The KL Monorail Train is an iconic sight in itself as it weaves through all prominent locations in our target area, on a 8.6km track! We decided to own that iconic piece of mobility as our OOH billboard, hijacking all areas and also creating buzz and generating shareworthy moments. The KL Monorail has an average daily ridership of 30,000. This allowed us to reach a diverse audience during their daily commutes. Additionally, Pavilion, a popular shopping destination, attracts 3 million monthly shoppers, while Jalan Sultan Ismail Road has a high traffic volume of 1 million monthly. Based on these findings, our strategy was to leverage the KL Monorail, Pavilion and Cubig Series OOH along Jalan Sultan Ismail Road to create a unique and visually appealing brand presence that would capture the attention of both Gen Z and Gen M(Malay) in their favorite spots.

To execute our strategy, we took over KL with the YSL Libre campaign, transforming the Bukit Bintang scenery into an aesthetic and Instagrammable landscape. We covered three out of the eight KL monorail trains entirely with YSL Libre communication, prominently featuring Dua Lipa as the face of the campaign. The communication was amplified with considerable share of time on Pavilion Elite 3D screen, Pavilion Over-Head-Bridge screen, chain of standee screens across Pavilion called Brand8 and the Cubig Series screens on JSI road. By converting a KL Monorail Train into a moving billboard spanning 8.6kms of rail tracks, not only did we manage to grab attention of the riders but every audience who noticed a luxuriously wrapped train with Dua Lipa weaving through the KL Landscape in areas that mattered the most for us, and our competitors. This innovative approach turned the monorail trains into a scenic beauty for Bukit Bintang, attracting attention and creating a buzz among the target audience. The captivating visuals and the association with a popular celebrity made the trains highly memorable and shareable, enhancing the brand’s reach and building top-of-mind awareness. Phones were whipped out and social media buzz generated additional buzz and earned media from an OOH activation.

The execution of our campaign resulted in high visibility not only in Bukit Bintang but also areas like KL Sentral, which is a high traffic junction for KL Monorail, KTM, LRT, KLIA express line and KLIA transit line, Hang Tuah and Titiwangsa, which are prominent interchange stations, reaching out to ~1.8M+ audience in Mar-Apr’23. ~5Mn+ footfall in and around Pavilion was attracted through the diverse Pavilion OOH screens. Cubig Series at Jalan Sultan Ismail Road captured eyeballs of ~1.2M+ commuters along the road. By taking over the KL Monorail with the YSL Libre campaign, we successfully broke away from the traditional OOH screens for luxury brands and created a unique and eye-catching brand presence. The aesthetic appeal of the monorail trains, combined with their strategic placement in popular Gen M spots, ensured that the campaign reached a wide audience and left a lasting impression. The campaign generated significant buzz, with people capturing and sharing images of the monorail trains on social media, amplifying the brand’s visibility and engaging with the target audience on digital platforms. In conclusion, our execution of the YSL Libre campaign on the KL Monorail successfully addressed the challenges posed by limited OOH options for luxury brands in KL. By leveraging the monorail’s high ridership, we created a visually stunning brand presence that captivated the target audience and generated buzz both online and offline. This unique approach allowed us to enhance our brand’s visibility in Bukit Bintang and surrounding areas, establishing ourselves as a key player in the luxury market.