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How Twisties Beat Around Typical Events Sponsorship Deal and Gained Talk of Town Excution with 7.5X Earned Media Value

Advertiser: Kraft Malaysia
Brand: Twisties
Creative Agency: McCan Erickson
Credits: Mindshare Malaysia — Eileen Ooi (Associate Director, Strategic Planning), Doreen Tee (Manager, The Exchange), Kusyairi Ishak (Executive, The Exchange) / BE VIACOM — Tengku Shamel (Manager), Benjamin Ting (Account Director)

Snacks category is cluttered with promotions and new launches almost every other month. Twisties was losing share of mind amongst our youths, whom are easily swayed by new news. The challenge: Remind our youths why Twisties is their preferred choice without succumbing to heavy investment behind promotions or launches. 

Youths today are crazy about music concerts, going to great lengths to vie for tickets to most popular concerts. MTV Worldstage was the most anticipated concert in 2012. However, Worldstage sponsorship requires heft investment that we do not have. We knew we had to break some rules of typical media sponsorship. Instead, we focused our efforts on an activation that delivers biggest impact and most memorable experience to 15,000 concert goers! Idea: Unexpected Twisties’ Rain. 

Just as the main performance starts, hundreds of large Twisties’ yellow and red balloons were launched into the crowd taking them by surprise! Balloons were bounced around by thousands of delighted music lovers. At a synchronized moment, the balloons pop raining Twisties packs into the crowd. Youths went mad vying for the free Twisties! Our unexpected, largest and quirkiest sampling activation got youths buzzing, tweeting, ‘instagramming’ and sharing about Twisties more than ever! 

Top of mind awareness improved by 7% to 32% beating nearest competitor Mr. Potato. –Purchase intent increased by +6% post campaign. –Achieved 7.5 times in earned media over our investment (USD 68,000) –With no digital media push, Facebook page interaction and organic fan growth was ahead of average industry benchmark.