Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2013 | |

Dutch Lady’s Happy Hour – Small BudgeT, Big Surprise

Advertiser: Dutch Lady Milk Industries
Brand: Dutch Lady Pasteurised Milk
Creative Agency: Universal McCann
Credits: Universal McCann — Ramakrishnan C.N. (Vice President), Chinar Joshi (Integrated Experience Designer), Goh Soo Mei (Associate Director), Cathryn Pak (Assistant Manager), Olivia Lee (Senior Media Planner), Stephanie Chin (Director Of Operations), Lim Nian Shan (Assistant Buying Manager), Chow Lee Kheng (Senior Buyer & Implementation) / Dutch Lady Milk Industries — Anja Henze (Marketing Director), Ramjeet Kaur Virik (Marketing Manager), Ho Hui Hui (Brand Manager), Ho Phaik Li (Head Of Marketing Services), Tai Chip Hui (Media Manager)

Malaysians consume an average of 1.4 glasses of milk weekly, with low consumption levels, and increasing competition from the likes of cultured milk, yogurt, soft drinks and fruit juice. With the general perception of milk being boring the challenge was in getting into shoppers’ cart in any way possible. 

Instead of injecting hefty investments to own the chilled section at hypermarkets, Media agency recommended to shift the battle out of cluttered dairy aisle to the ‘waiting zone’ at Hypermarkets. With an average 12 minutes waiting time on weekends at check-out counters, when consumers are idling. Malaysians love discounts and ‘Happy-Hours’ trigger positive associations towards bargains. We converted idle time into ‘Dutch Lady’s Milk-Happy- Hours’ where shoppers were entertained and tempted to buy milk. 

School education programme in Chinese newspaper provided the platform for Focus Point to counsel and test 20,000 students. Copying the ‘report card’ habit, we created report slips of eye- tests together with eye-booklet for students to bring home to their parents. The kids do not feel lonely in this environment and enjoyed the experience together with their friends. Those who need, get counseled for corrective glasses – they can now see their future clearly. 

Focus Point donated 100,000 minutes of their time to ensure 20,000 students get clearer ABC123. With just RM80,000, sales for myopic glasses increased 77% YOY. More importantly, parents were educated on the importance of eyecare. Focus Point took the first step towards becoming the highly visible family eye care specialist.