Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2013 | |

Love Costs (almost) Nothing for MAGGI

Advertiser: Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
Brand: MAGGI
Creative Agency: Primeworks Studios & Red Communications
Credits: Mindshare Malaysia — Keith Leong (Executive), Lim Suk Yee (Manager), Vicky Sim (Executive), Christine Poe (Manager), Cindy Chia (Director, Client Leadership)

MAGGI is Malaysia’s No.1 and oldest brand, but competitors were aggressively luring consumers away with their increased variety and exotic flavours. Consequently, brand saliency dropped. How do we remind Malaysians of their “first love” with MAGGI Mee, and rekindle their emotional connection with MAGGI in a world of exciting alternatives? 

Our insight was that Malaysians quintessentially bring MAGGI noodles when traveling abroad because it’s a comfort food that makes them think of home. “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” – and this became our inspiration! To remind Malaysians of this emotional fondness they have with MAGGI, we pitched our idea to Malaysia’s best storyteller and movie producer, Lina Tan, to develop content with “MAGGI Mee” playing an integral part in the storyline as comfort food. 

“Istanbul Aku Datang” movie was born out of our insight. MAGGI became the movie’s focal point, responsible for sparking romance between lead actor, Beto Kusyairy, and actress, Lisa Surihani. This well-thought through negotiation with RM50k investment also gained us OOH publicities, PR coverage and Lisa’s tweets about MAGGI. These drove consumers to the movie and ultimately exposed to MAGGI. Astro integrated key scenes with MAGGI into their promos – further boosting our ROI. 

With just RM50k investment, we obtained publicity value worth RM18.1mil! (36,200% ROI). Within the movie’s first month of release, MAGGI’s loyalty scores increased by 4%, top-of-mind increased by 8% (Source: MillwardBrown). This Branded Content drove thousands of social media conversations around MAGGI for months thereafter.