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2013 | |

How Maharaja Lawak Mega 2 Conquered Malay Homes

Advertiser: MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems Sdn Bhd
Brand: Astro
Creative Agency: Naga DDB Sdn Bhd
Credits: Mindshare Malaysia — Sheila Shanmugam (Business Director), Dayang Haniza Hamidon (Senior Executive), Carmen Tham (Executive), Stephanie Looi (Manager) / Kenetic Worldwide — Derek Low (Manager) / Naga DDB Sdn Bhd — Eugene Wong (Manager), Shukri Salleh (Executive)

Astro Maharaja Lawak Mega (MLM), a strong signature program amongst semi urban and rural audience, set a record breaking performance with cumulative 6 million viewership in Season 1. Agency’s challenge: To exceed season 1 sterling performance; create talkability and increase viewership by another 30% for Season 2. 

To capture new Malay viewers, we customized tactical strategies by their media preference. Market center: Offers 27% untapped viewers, huge on social media, love contests and “mamak” is their favorite hangout especially Friday nights. We turned their activities into virtual currency, using hashtag #MLM2012 to bid for priceless MLM live show tickets. We transformed “Mamak” tabletop, TV sets into actionable messages. Semi urban, rural: Love sensational news, we partnered with Harian Metro to grow viewership. 

Social bidding advertised online, led to MLM registration application. Highest MLM social post with #MLM2012 wins priceless tickets. Bidder’s posts automatically shared with friend base. 3,000 tabletops and 375 TV sets at “Mamaks”, had call to action messages – Mamak, change the channel la, MLM 10pm – “Want to meet AC Mizal? Keep chatting about MLM on facebook, twitter #MLM2012” Harian Metro access to MLM’s behind the scenes, gave readers daily dose of sensational drama. 

Viewership increased +45%, (cumulative 10.8 million) contributed by:- 34,000 social bidders shared post with 7.9 million friends reaching 61% Malaysia Facebook universe. 253,000 new MLM Facebook fans increased +51%. MLM mamak entertained 900,000 Malays. Dipstick shows 90% requested tune in. Harian Metro partnership delivered RM2.8 million coverage, 18.7 ROI.