Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2010 | |

The Un-PRU-Dictable Numbers Challenge

Advertiser: Prudential Assurance 
Malaysia Bhd
Brand: PruRetirement
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Kesevan Balasingam (Director), Nadiah Ramli (Executive), Chow Kah Wai (Executive), Sheley Lim 
(Senior Executive), 
Tan Poh Lee (Partner)


PruRetirement’s “What’s Adam’s Number Challenge” engaged the public to guess a fictitious character’s retirement amount. We had to capture the nation’s attention and create curiosity—Who is Adam? What is his retirement lifestyle? What’s his “number”?

Being a short one month campaign, “What’s Adam’s Number Challenge” required round-the-clock presence to create ongoing visibility and garner immediate mass awareness. Combining this need with insight that our target audiences are adults commuting to work and insurance agents on the constant move, outdoor billboards are the ideal solution for its high traffic locations, wide coverage and ongoing visibility.

With the right medium identified, we now needed an innovative execution to keep its audiences hooked! We replicated the “Split flap display” used in flip clocks, where the visuals reveal the next digit of Adam’s retirement number week by week. This innovative movement stood out from other static visuals. PruRetirement’s countdown visual kept audiences hooked, driving them to participate online.

This was the first-ever simultaneous weekly sticker change for multiple sites nationwide. The billboards drove 17,000 participants to take up the challenge online. One-third of PruRetirement’s entire 2009 sales were sold during this one month campaign period.