Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2010 | |

Astro Cashing in at Supermarkets

Advertiser: Measat Broadcast Networks Sdn Bhd
Brand: Astro Malay Segment
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Chan Wan Lih (Senior Manager), Zufar Zahran 
(Senior Executive)

POS_Astro Cashing in at Supermarkets_1
POS_Astro Cashing in at Supermarkets_2

Astro Malay’s business growth potential lies in acquiring new subscribers, particularly from the semi urban Malay households in North and East Coast. Advertising on free to air TC was not 
an option.

Malay households tend to do their grocery shopping as a family affair, so we decided to catch families as they shop! We marked our presence at popular and highly frequented supermarkets across the northern and east coast region with eye-catching visuals demonstrating the value of Astro packages to fit the shopping environment, inline with the shoppers frame of mind in search of a good bargain.

We capitalised on Astro’s in-house A-list Malay celebrities to catch our target’s a ttention and resonate with them. Life-size cut outs of Erra Fazira, Afdlin Shauki and Aznil Nawawiheld gaint receipts highlighting Astro’s value for money packages in the form of a shopping list, greeting shoppers at Point-of-Sale media like gate entrances, aisles and on-shelf for three whole months.

Ourexecution brought to life Astro Malay’s great value for money in locations frequented by our target. The impact was so powerful that many shoppers signed up on the spot