Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2010 | |

Love is in the Air with TM ITalk

Advertiser: Telekom Malaysia
Brand: ITalk
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Bala Pomaleh (Managing Director), Ramesh Marthaveron (Account Director), 
Wong May Mun (Media Manager), Fatin Yusof (Media Planner)

POS_Love is in the Air with TM ITalk

The fixed line market was on the decline globally. TM had to counter the decline via other initiatives to drive revenue up. One critical area which was largely untapped was the foreign worker segment. The task was to convert the lucrative but suspecting Indonesian foreign workers into devout italk users.

The Indonesian foreign workers lived in communal quarters called “Kongsis”. They yearned for love as they lived under duress and deplorable conditions. The need to communicate with their family was a necessity to maintain sanity. Analysis showed they spent 4 times more on phone bills compared to an average Malaysian. We converted the kongsi into point of sale outlets to maximize Point of Sale proximity and sales results.

One of the biggest purchase barrier was the availability of the top up cards at point of sale outlets. Awareness of top up points was lacking in the streets. By branding the kongsi and bringing in top up squads into the kongsi this issue was completely circumvented. This in fact became a very viable point of sale channel for TM as there was significant cost savings by reducing the distribution layers.

A 36% increase in revenue over a 3 month period. 60% increase in call minutes to their happy families back home. We brought joy and love to over 6 thousand Indonesian foreign workers! With this pilot project a major success, many more will experience love and joy in 2010.