Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2010 | |

From Stray to Purr-fection with Friskies

Advertiser: Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Angelina Lim (Executive, 
The Exchange) Yoong Kah Lai 
(Senior Executive, The Exchange), Allison Chin (Director, The Exchange), Cindy Chia (Director, Client Leadearship), Nestle Products Sdn Bhd Malaysia

Cat owners have a habit of feeding their cats leftover food scraps, but Friskies knows that this isn’t good for cats! Friskies wants to purr-sue the mission of changing cat owners’ habits by tangibly demonstrating how Friskies can enhance and improve their cat’s well-being.

Research showed a high correlation between cat lovers and lovers of reality shows. Cat lovers tend to develop strong emotional attachment, and so they get easily hooked on drama and character development of reality shows. This inspired us to create Malaysia’s first ever PET reality show, the purr-fect branded content solution that gives us the platform to educate and entertain cat owners.

We recruited contestants aspiring to become excellent cat owners and gave them a challenge: Nurture a stray cat back to purr-fect health! To win, contestants compete for the votes of panel experts and home viewers by completing weekly challenges that test their knowledge and ability on grooming, health checks, nutrition and feeding. Week by week, viewers delightfully enjoy witnessing the cat’s positive transformation, from frail to energetic, through a Friskies diet!

The programme ranked amongst the nation’s top reality shows, cat-alyzing rave publicity from blogs to talk shows, and winning over many hearts. Volume sales catapulted 26% within the first two months of campaign.