Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2010 | |

Unveiling the Oriental Experience

Advertiser: AirAsia Bhd
Brand: AirAsia
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Darren Yuen (Group Account Director), Maggie Chong Cheah (Media Director), Doreen Teh (Media Planner), Wong May May (Senior Media Planner), 
Elaine Tan (Media Buyer)

AirAsia became only airline in the world with the largest connectivity to destinations in China. The main cities like Shanghai and Beijing always take the cake, but low awareness of other states & provinces in China was something that needed addressing. Business wise, load and revenue achievements needed a boost.

The Chinese population in Malaysia are very interested in China as a destination, with very few knowing what really to do or expect of Greater China. Content was scarce and scattered, so when no other content exists, create your own. AirAsia set out to create their own travel documentary, with an 8 episode customized documentary featuring the destinations they cover, aired on FTA TV for all to experience what the various cities in China offered.

From collaborating with Media Prima to engaging a production house directly, the team set flight to conquer China and uncover the extreme beauty of this country on 8TV. By understanding the target audience viewing habits, the time slots allocated for airing these documentaries allowed us to reach them efficiently and effectively. 8 customized documentary episodes was developed, and aired over 8 weeks. This paved the way for us to “fish where the fish are”.

Overall average increase of 12% in load factor, and 16% in revenue for all China destinations over the same period. Overall awareness of other destination such as Chengdu (+32%) and Shenzhen (+26%) saw a remarkable increase from an internal online survey conducted after the airing of the documentary series.