Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2010 | |

Transforming Schools, Inspiring Lives

Advertiser: Vizeum Media Services 
(M) Sdn Bhd
Brand: Nippon Paint
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Wong Tse San (Client Services Director), Janice Shiaw (Senior Media Planner), Ooi Hoay Lee (Media Buyer), Gladys Goh (General Manager, Marketing, Nippon Paint), Wong Meng Lee (Brand Manager, Nippon Paint), Siow Shy Teng (Senior Brand Executive, Nippon Paint)

Though Nippon Paint is already the #1 paint brand in Malaysia, it lagged behind its competitors when it comes to brand preference amongst the Chinese. It also works against Nippon Paint as its Chinese name literally reads “JAPANESE PAINT” which faced resistance by the older generation of Chinese.

Working with Nanyang and Astro AEC, we penetrated into New Villages, with schools as our focal point to engage with the Chinese. NP sponsored the entire make-over for schools of each Village, creating a brand new environment for the Village children and effectively became a NP “billboard”. Further engaging the children, we created a customized colouring contest featuring our endearing icon; the Blobbies, where they could win paint to make-over their own homes too!

In a carnival-like atmosphere, we turned the re-painting of the school into an entire Village affair. Parents did their part in the re-painting ‘gotong-royong’ whilst children enjoyed themselves mingling with the beloved Nippon Paint icons, the Blobbies and a colouring contest. These heartwarming stories were re-told in the press and supported by a series of TV documenting 50 years of New Village in Malaysia. We did this not just with one but eight Villages nationwide!

Entire campaign across 8 Villages plus on-air and press coverage cost only RM 80,000 with ROI 3x. The TV documentary on the history and stories behind each New Village reached out to 196,000 weekly viewers. Brand preference for NP amongst Chinese improved 17% points YOY.